Jacqueline’s Philosophy



Learners are ageless, so as a XXI Century Digital TESOL educator I’m convinced that the teaching and learning English process must click the brain to trigger information that the learners can comprehend and later produce naturally. Language learning involves both the educator and learner to blossom intellectually, creatively and socially to be able to communicate effectively in any scenario. 

My responsibility is to create enthusiastic lifelong learners. My classes are designed in an orderly, systematic and efficient manner providing a pleasant experience by being patient, relaxed, persistent, objective and active. Such creation helps me detect my learners’ needs, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths. My training forms problem-solvers and solution-oriented learners.

My planning is directed in using language in two senses, one to train their brains to think in English and the other to develop thinking-learning and decision-making skills to form sensible and dynamic learners.

My “heartily” call is to provide all the tools my learners need to improve their performance and be able to express themselves freely and technologically as well as in a second language.  

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