We are glad to announce an alliance between UTPL and The Art of Learning for the IDGE 2018 Tournament. This contest provides an opportunity to enthuse learners to participate in debating in English. The characteristics of this innovative contest is a blended learning experience for the first time in Ecuador. This means, that your students can train online and debate face-to-face. We provide tips on basic debating criteria, to practice the the four skills by preparing constructive affirmative and negative speeches, cross examination questions, rebuttal speeches and to build interscholastic camaraderie.

The purpose for this alliance is to optimize bilingual and IT skills needed for a globalized education which enriches students portfolios to access local and international universities.

To join the tournament your institution needs to fill out the IDGE 2018 Registration Form, where you list the names of 1-2 coaches,  2 debaters and 2 timekeepers (9th - 12th grades),  who have demonstrated interest in committing themselves to training for this debate.  We would also need your school to provide 1-2 judges.